How To Perform a Factory Reset (IP4M-1046EW-AI)

How To Perform a Factory Reset (IP4M-1046EW-AI)

Performing a factory reset on your camera will revert the camera back to its original factory default settings. This can be done physically or via the web user interface (web UI) through a web browser on a computer. For more information on how to perform a factory reset in the web UI of your camera, click here.

Note: The camera must be powered on to perform a factory reset.

Step 1: Using the included torx wrench, open the security latch on the bottom of the camera to access the reset button. 


Step 2: Locate the factory reset switch on the motherboard of the camera. The factory reset switch is a small switch next to the microSD card slot. Press and hold the factory reset switch for 10 - 20 seconds and allow the camera to reset. 


Step 3: Use the included torx wrench to attach the security latch back onto the camera. 



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