IR Lights and How They Function (IP2M-853E)

IR Lights and How They Function

Your camera is equipped with a total of 6 infrared lights (IRs) which provide night vision up to a distance of 328ft. The number of IRs visible on the front of the camera will be dependent on the amount light that is recognized by the image of the camera. For instance, by default, the camera will have 2 IRs illuminated, this is because the camera's zoom function is set at its default position and the amount of light being detected by the camera is less than what is required for the additional IR lights to illuminate.

If the camera is zoomed in further on an object the amount of IRs will increase based upon the amount of light the camera is detecting at that exact moment. At its furthest distance, the camera will display a maximum of 6 IR lights to compensate for the amount of light, or lack thereof, that is being detected by the camera's IR sensors.

This is an algorithm that is built into the camera which allows for more efficient night time operation.  The function cannot be enabled or disabled by the user unless night vision is manually turned off completely in the web user interface or via the Amcrest View Pro app directly. For more information on how to turn night vision off please click here.

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