How To Physically Install Your Camera (IP5M-F1180EW)

Included with your camera will be a positioning map, which will act as an installation template, and a mounting plate, which will be the installation bracket that holds the camera to the mounting surface. 


Prior to installation, please ensure that the installation surface can support at least 3x the weight of the camera and the bracket.

To physically install the camera you will need the following items: 

  • Positioning map (optional)
  • Mounting plate (bracket)
  • A Phillips head screwdriver
  • A drill (with 7/32 drill bit)
  • Mounting screws and wall anchors.

 If you do not have the positioning map, you can mark the installation holes a as a reference using the mounting bracket and install accordingly.



Step 1: Place the included positioning map onto the mounting surface. Using a 7/32 drill bit, drill the holes on the positioning map. 

Step 2: Insert the included wall anchors into the newly drilled holes. 

Step 3: Align the screw holes of the mounting bracket to the wall anchors and, using a Phillips head screwdriver, secure the bracket to the mounting surface. 

Step 4: Run the wiring of the camera through the mounting bracket and attach the camera.

Note: If the camera’s cable will be exiting through the side of the camera, route the cable through the U-shaped gap on the side of the camera.        

The mounting plate will be in the "open" position by default. Be sure to set the mounting plate to the locked "close" position to complete the install.


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