Physical Installation Guide (ProHD)

Physical Installation Guide

This article will provide a detailed, physical installation guide for your camera. Please refer to the information below for more details.

Connection Guide
The camera initially should be connected via the following method:
• WiFi Connection
• Ethernet Connection

Installation Video

Installation Guide
To install the camera using the included mounting bracket you will need the following items:
• The 2 included mounting screws.
• The 2 included wall anchors.
• The included mounting bracket.
• A power drill or number 2 Phillips head screwdriver.
• A hammer
• A pen or pencil

To begin the installation process, follow the step by step instructions provided below:

1) Select a surface to mount the camera. Ensure that the installation environment can support at least 3 times the weight of the camera and near a power outlet.
2) Turn the knob holding the arm and bracket counterclockwise to loosen it and adjust the arm so that you have more room to work.
3) Place the mounting bracket on the mounting surface and with a pen or pencil mark the designated holes for your screws.
4) Remove the bracket from the mounting surface and drill the marked holes using a power drill.
5) Insert the included wall anchors into the holes and using a hammer, tap the wall anchors into the holes making them as flush as possible to the mounting surface.
6) Line the holes of the mounting bracket with the wall anchors and insert the screws. Then, using a Phillips head screw driver, or drill, secure the mounting bracket to the mounting surface.

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