How To Upgrade Firmware

How To Upgrade Firmware

This trail camera is equipped with an automatic firmware upgrade function. Upgrading is
needed only when an improved firmware is available. To update firmware, follow the
below steps:

1. On a laptop or PC go to

2. Locate the latest firmware for your device and download it to your computer.

3. Unzip the update file.

4. Copy the .bin file to an SD card.

5. Insert the SD card into the camera.

6. Power on the camera into Test Mode.

7. The camera will read the SD card and update itself automatically. When updating
the camera, the screen will be black.

8. The screen will light up after the update is finished.

9. Turn the camera off.

10. Remove the SD card, then insert it into a PC, and delete the FW18NA.bin file on
the SD card. (If you don't do this, the camera will try to update again when it is powered

11. Insert the SD card into the camera like normal. The camera should have the latest
firmware installed at this point.

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