How To Setup Cloud Access

How To Setup Cloud Access

Connect your camera to the cloud to store and review all of your video footage from anywhere on any of your devices!

Step 1
Connect the camera to a power supply using the included power adapter.

Step 2
Connect your camera to the internet, either through a wired or WiFi connection. View Amcrest Camera App Setup or Desktop Access to get connected!

Step 3

Using a web browser or


Register for a free account.

 Once registered, click the “Add Camera” button.

Select “Amcrest”, give the camera a name, and enter the camera’s S/N the camera. Click “Next”.

Step 4

Next, insert your camera credentials. Unless, you have previously changed your login credentials for the camera, the default username will be admin and default password will be admin.

On the settings page, you can adjust optional preferences for your camera. Once settings have been adjusted, click “Finish.” Your camera is now successfully set up for cloud access and storage!

Step 5
View your camera live or watch recorded clips using the menu buttons on the top right of the page. You can also use the Amcrest Cloud app on iOS and Android to add more cameras, play recordings, and view your camera live, from anywhere!

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