Viewing Amcrest & Foscam Cameras Together

Amcrest and Foscam brand cameras can be viewed simultaneously using third party software, apps and NAS including, but not limited to Blue Iris, Security Spy, Digital Watchdog, Zoneminder, zmNinja, Live Cams Pro, Tiny Cam, Synology, and QNAP.

Alternatively, Foscam and Amcrest brand cameras can be viewed through Amcrest softwares like Amcrest Surveillance Pro, Amcrest Web UI and Amcrest Cloud. To view different brand of cameras on Amcrest Surveillance Pro and Web UI, they must first be setup to any Amcrest NVR. The NVR must then be accessed through Surveillance Pro and/or Web UI. Amcrest Cloud service only requires a paid account to view Foscam and Amcrest brand cameras.

NAS (Network Attached Storage) is another way to save and store data especially when viewing multiple cameras. Most NAS systems are compatible with FTP (File Transfer Protocol) which is used to share, download and upload data within the dedicated application rather than an Internet browser.


Third party apps can vary drastically in their process to connect cameras. However, most will use the RTSP URL or through the API. Please refer to the third-party support team for further assistance with connecting to their application.





The Amcrest Web UI and Amcrest Surveillance Pro require Foscam and Amcrest cameras to be connected to an Amcrest NVR. For more information about our Amcrest NVRs, please refer to our website. See the steps below for further information on setting up your cameras to your NVR and additional resources.

1) Amcrest Web UI:

Please follow the steps below to view Foscam and Amcrest brand cameras on Amcrest Web UI:

 For Amcrest NVRs, please use the links below to further assist on the streams:

2) Amcrest Surveillance Pro:

Another option is to connect to cameras through the NVR by using Amcrest Surveillance Pro:

2.1 Connect the cameras to the NVR. Please click here to reference adding cameras to the NVR.

2.2 Then access the cameras via the Amcrest Surveillance Pro.

For more information about the Surveillance Pro software, please refer to the links below:

3) Amcrest Cloud:

Amcrest Cloud offers several reasonable plans with access to the service from your desktop or smartphone. A plan must be purchased to add more than one camera.


NAS system is a storage device connected to a central network that allows storage and retrieval of data. This is especially useful if multiple camera and/or camera brands are connected to the same network. Some Amcrest and Foscam cameras may not have NAS compatibility. Please check the spec sheets to confirm if your camera is compatible with NAS.

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