Amcrest SmartClient Setup (650TVL)

Whether you are having trouble getting playback to work on the web interface, or you simply want a standalone playback utility, the SmartClient Player is a very handy program to have. 

Here we will show you how to download and install this software. 

Click here to download SmartClient Windows v6.1.2.3.exe

Double-click the .exe file and run the installer. 
Go through all the pages to install SmartClient and WinPcap, then run the program.

The main page will look like this: 

1. If your DVR is powered on and connected to your router, it should appear on the left automatically. Double-click it to send its information into the right panel.
2. At this point, all you will need to enter is your password. 
3. Click login below to pull up your DVR. 

Once it launches, the window will look like this:

1. You will land on the Preview tab by default, click over to the Playback tab. 
2. Then, you will want to single-click one of the four white preview windows to select it. You will notice the blue outline that appears once one is selected.
3. On the right panel, double-click one of the channels to add it to the selected window from step 2. 
4. Finally, click the play button towards the bottom to begin playback and wait a few seconds for it to start. 

That's all there is to it! 

If you still need help or are having trouble with the installation of your SmartClient software, or with logging into your DVR through the SmartClient software, please feel free to reach out to our support team by emailing

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