Installation Guide (IPM-722)

Follow these steps and use the diagram in this article to install the IP2M-842 & IPM-722 WiFi Bullet Cameras:

Prior to installation ensure that the installation environment can support at least 3 times the weight of the camera.

1. Stick the installation sticker on the designated surface where the device will be installed (wall or ceiling).
2. Drill 3 holes through the holes on the installation sticker.
3. Open the accessories bag and take out the expansion bolt, and insert it into the holes.
4. Open accessories bad and take out the screws. Tighten the 3 screws to fix the device on the installation surface (wall or ceiling).
5. Loosen the sunshade screw to move it around to the desired position, then tighten the screw to lock it into place.
6. Plug in the camera to power it, using either an Ethernet or power cable.
7. Using a Philip's head screwdriver, (not included) loosen the adjusting screw near the base of the camera. This allows the camera to be rotated, as well as pivoted within the ball joint.
8. Adjust the device to the desired position.
9. Using a Philip's head screwdriver, (not included) tighten the adjusting screw near the base of the camera to lock the camera in position.

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