GPS Playback software download for Windows. (Driving Recorder Player)

To download Driving Recorder Player please click Here

After downloading please unzip, select setup and follow the installation setup process. 

Once installed please open Driving Recorder Player by searching for "Driving Recorder Player"  in your windows start menu or double click the newly made icon on your desktop. 

To import a video with data into Driving Recorder Player please insert the Micro-SD card that came with your camera into your system.

Next select File in the upper left hand corner of the Driving Recorder Player window, click new and then navigate to the video located on the Micro-SD card that you would like to load. 

Once the file is loaded you may playback data recorded from your drive.

Please note: that you must have purchsed and installed the GPS mount addon in order to have functionallity.

Further video and written tutorials coming soon!

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