How To Manually Upgrade Firmware (ASH21)

If the cloud upgrade fails on your device or the upgrade has made your device go offline the device can be restored manually.  To upgrade the device manually you will need a microSD card and physical access to the device. For more information on how to manually upgrade the firmware, please refer to the information provided below. 

Note: Before upgrading the device manually you will need to downgrade it to revert it back to its original state. Ensure the device is powered on during this process. 

Step 1: Download the update.img file here and place the file onto a microSD card, please note, a microSD card adapter will be needed to move the file from the computer to the microSD card. 

Step 2: Insert the microSD card with the update.img file on it into the device. 

Step 3: Remove the device from power, press and hold the reset button, then reconnect the power supply. 


Step 4: Once the LEDs are flashing green and red you can release the reset button. The device will begin to automatically upgrade. 

Step 5: When the upgrade process is complete the device will reboot, once initialized the LED will flash green indicating it is ready to be added back onto your Amcrest Smart Home account. 

How to Upgrade Using the Amcrest IP Config Tool

The Amcrest IP Config tool is another method to manually upgrade your device. Please note, this method only works if the device is being registered on the network. If the device is unable to be connected to the network (the LED is red or "offline") please use the other method provided. If you do not have the Amcrest IP Config tool, please click here for access to the downloads page. 

This method also requires you to have the correct .bin file as the .img file will not be compatible. To access the .bin file, click here.

Step 1: Open the Amcrest IP Config tool and locate the device. 

Step 2: Click on Login


Step 3: Enter the password for your camera. Please note, this is not the password for your Amcrest Smart Home account, but the password for the actual camera. Click OK


Step 4: Click on Upgrade


Step 5: Click on Open File and locate the .bin file. Click Open to load the .bin file, then click Upgrade


After the upgrade is complete the device will go offline and reboot, once the reboot process is complete the device will automatically connect to the network and the green LED will turn solid indicating the device has been successfully upgraded. 

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