IP/Domain Setup (Recommended)

Amcrest View Pro provides several ways of connecting your device to the Amcrest View Pro app. However, for the most secure and recommended way to connect your device use the IP/Domain/DDNS method. 

To setup your camera using the IP/Domain/DDNS method you will need to first port forward your device. This allows to establish a public IP address instead of using a local IP address so you can access your device remotely outside of your network. For more information on how to setup port forwarding on your device, click here

Note: To help determine the public IP address, please visit: http://ipchicken.com/ to verify. 

If DDNS is being used, then the full DDNS address must be used in the app. For more information on how to setup DDNS on your device click here

Once your camera has been properly port forwarded you can begin adding the device to the app. For more information on how to add your device to the Amcrest View Pro app using the IP/Domain method follow the step by step instructions provided below. 

Step 1: Download and open the Amcrest View Pro app from the App Store or Play Store.


Amcrest View for iOS: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Amcrest View for Android: Requires Android 3.0 or later.

Step 2: When the download is complete, open the Amcrest View Pro app 

Step 3: Tap the icon in the top-right to get to the Device List.

Step 4: In the Device List menu, tap on Add Device to begin adding the device to the app. 


Step 5: Select which type of device you will be connecting. It can be either a WiFi camera or PoE Camera. 


If you selected WiFi camera tap on Add An Already Connected Camera. In this menu, select IP/Domain/DDNS Setup


If you selected PoE camera, make sure to tap on IP/Domain/DDNS


Step 6: To view your device locally, please enter a local IP address. This will allow local access only which means your device will not be able to be viewed outside the network. 


To view your device remotely, make sure to use a public IP address. As a reminder, to help determine the public IP address, please visit: http://ipchicken.com/ to verify your public IP address. 


If you have a connected with DDNS service make sure to enter the complete DDNS IP address into the IP field and provide the TCP port number as well in the port field. 


Note: If the TCP port you are entering is not valid, please try using the HTTP port number. If using the HTTP port number, make sure to port forward this port using both TCP/UDP protocols.

Step 7: Tap Next to continue. 


Step 8: Enter a name for your device and then type in the username and password associated with your device. Once complete, tap on the Start Live View button to view your camera. 


Congratulations! Your port forwarded device has now been successfully added to the Amcrest View Pro app using IP/Domain/DDNS and is ready to view. 



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