Creating a New Shared User on a DVR

The default admin user cannot be deleted or modified, only the password can be modified. For more information on how to modify the admin password, click here.

However, new additional users with permissions can be created. For more information on how to create new additional users on your device, please refer to the information provided below. 

Step 1: Log into your device and on the main menu, click on Account.


Step 2: In the User tab, click on New User.


Step 3: Enter a username and password for the new shared user and confirm the password.  Use the options in the Authority section to choose which permissions will be set for the new shared user. Please note, each permission will be enabled unless it is modified by the admin user. Click OK to finish. 


The new shared user will be displayed in the User menu. 


Note: To access this account, log out of the admin account and enter the username and password for the shared user account.

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