Web Interface Overview

Web Interface Overview

The web interface will be the main hub for all of you NVR’s features. This interface allows you to view manage and control every aspect of your device similarly to the built-in local user interface. This section provides a brief description of the items listed in this menu.     


Management: This menu allows you to access camera settings and registration, network settings, storage options, system, and account management.

Live: This menu takes you to a live view interface. In this menu you can view real-time live video from all connected devices as well as access to Pan/Tilt/Zoom functions (if applicable), and other related live view settings for your device.

Playback: This menu allows you to view playback of motion detection, IVS, or continuous recording events. 

AI: This menu allows you to manage and view artificial intelligence features such as, face detection, face recognition, IVS, people counting, as well as smart search and IVS playback features. 

Alarm: This tab allows you to view and search live alarm information, configure alarm events and controls such as, Motion Detection, Audio Detection, Abnormality, or other related alarm features.

Operation: This tab allows you to access system logs, current firmware/version information, import/export system config files, upgrade firmware, and other related system operation features.

Back Up: This tab allows you to back up information from your system onto an inserted USB flash drive. An external USB flash drive is needed to store information such as configuration files or other data related to your system.

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