How To Use the Time-Lapse Feature in the Cloud

How To Use the Time Lapse Feature in the Cloud

Time-lapse is a built-in cloud feature available to continuous recording plan users. The feature allows you to view and download large events in a short period of time. This feature is only available to Amcrest Cloud customers who have a continuous recording plan. To purchase an Amcrest continuous recording plan, please click on the image provided below: 


Please note, when creating a time-lapse there will be a 24-hour time limit. For more information on how to use the time-lapse feature please refer to the information provided below. 

Step 1: Go to and Log into your Amcrest Cloud account via a web browser to access the live feed for your camera. 

Step 2: Click on the options menu for your camera located near the time line and click on Time lapse.


Step 3: To generate a time-lapse video, enter a start and end date in which the event occurred and then choose a time-lapse duration. The time-lapse duration is the length of time the generated video will be once it is viewed. Click Submit when finished. 


Step 4: The time lapse event will now be processed by the interface. To verify the status of your event, go to the Download menu. 


Accessing the Download Menu

Step 5: To access the download menu, click on the Settings option for your account and click on Settings


Step 6: In the Event Schedule area you will notice your time lapse event is being processed. Allow the interface to finish generating your event and then click on Download. This will download the time lapse event. 


The time lapse event will download to your computer. The file will be downloaded in MP4 format to your device.

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