How To Configure a Motion Detection Schedule Locally (NVR)

How To Configure a Motion Detection Schedule

A motion detection schedule will set your camera to detect motion only at specified days and times. By default, this will be set to record 24/7, however for more information on how to configure a motion detection schedule, please refer to the information provided below. 

Step 1: Log into your NVR and access the main menu and click on the Event tab located in the Settings menu. 


Step 2: The Video Detect menu will be displayed. This is where motion detection settings are configured for your device.  Choose which channel you would like to configure from the Channel drop down menu and make sure the Enable checkbox is enabled. 


Step 3: Click on the Setup button located Period field. 


Step 4: Click and drag on the yellow bars to specify time zones. To edit multiple days at once, either click the check boxes next to the days or click the checkbox next to All to edit all the days at once. Once all settings applied click OK to save your schedule. Click Cancel to undo any changes and return to the motion detection settings screen. Click Default to use the default settings.


To specify time zones in greater detail for each day, click the Set button, the Period setup screen will appear. 


The system allows for the configuration of up to 6 different time periods. Click the checkbox to the left of the time period to enable that time period. Click the text next to each period to edit the a start end end time for your schedule. To copy time periods, click the check boxes next to the days of the week that you would like to copy. Once finished on this screen, click OK to return to the time period settings screen. 

The motion detection schedule has now been applied to your device. You can now repeat the process for other channels connected to your NVR if you wish. 

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