How To Add Your Smart Home Device to an Amcrest NVR

How To Add Your Smart Home Device to an Amcrest NVR

All Amcrest Smart Home devices, excluding Smart Home battery cameras, can connect to both the Amcrest Smart Home app as well as to Amcrest NVRs. This is possible by obtaining the IP address of your device from your network and adding it directly into your NVR.

Note: The device must also be set up first using the Amcrest Smart Home app so it can be detected in the network.

For more information on how to add your specific device using the Amcrest Smart Home app, please refer to the Quick Start Guide for your specific device.

Note: The device and the NVR must be on the same network for this to work.

Step 1: Log into your NVR using your username and password. 

Step 2: Click on the Camera option and located in the Settings menu.


Step 3: Click on Device Search to locate the IP address for your device that should be connected to the same network as your NVR.


Step 4: A list of all connected devices will appear. Select the device from the list by clicking on the checkbox next to the device. Click Add to add the device into the Added Devices menu.


If the status light is red it may indicate that the device is not connected properly to the NVR. This could be because the password for the device is not entered properly in the NVR. To update the password for your device in the NVR, click on the edit icon (pencil) located in the Modify column in the Added Device menu. 


Select the Password field and use the onscreen keyboard to enter the password for your device. Once the password has been entered, click Save to continue.


Once the password has been properly set the Status indicator will turn green indicating the camera has been properly added.


The device has now been successfully added into your NVR and is ready to view.


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