How To Adjust General Settings.

How To Adjust General Settings

To access the device settings please tap on the “Setting” tab located in the main menu of the app.

In this menu you will see a series of settings that can be changed or modified. All settings and set perimeters will be applied per the selection indicated in the description. To change a setting please tap on the section you would like to modify and make the necessary adjustments. Here is a quick breakdown of each selection in this menu:

Settings List and Their Applications

Device Name– The device name in which the settings will be applied.

Notification Alert –  This will toggle the notification alert to either the on or off position.

SMS Alert- This will toggle the SMS alerts to the app either the on or off position.

Email Alert – This will toggle email alerts to the on or off position.

Speed Limit - Configures a speed alert to a set limit or perimeter greater than a certain MPH.

Email (Speed Alert )– Indicates what email the speed alert will be sent.

Phone (Speed Alert) – Indicates the phone number in which alerts will be sent

Battery % - Indicates an email where battery alerts will be sent when the battery reaches an indicated percentage.

Email (Battery Alert )– Indicates the email address in which battery alerts will be sent.

Phone (Battery Alert )– Indicated what phone number that battery alerts will be sent.

Email (SOS) – Indicates which email SOS alerts will be sent.

Phone (SOS) – Indicates which phone number SOS alerts will be sent.

Once you have updated your device settings, please make sure to click on the “Update” button to apply the revised settings to your device.

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