How To Access and Utilize the Map Tool.

How To Access and Utilize the Map Tool.

The map tool shows the last location of the GPS tracker, as well as allows for use of many different map tools.

To access the Map feature on your app, please tap on the “Map” tab in the main menu of the app.

After you select your device from the device list the app will automatically detect and locate your device on the map.

Show All – Located at the upper right-hand portion of the main menu, will display all locations of the devices associated with your account on the generated map.

Devices – Located at the bottom left of the main screen will populate a list of all known devices connected to your account.

Info – Located on the bottom right of the main menu will populate all asset info populated by the device.

The information that can be found in this menu are classified into 4 major categories:




The current MPH or speed the device is traveling.




The battery life currently associated with the device.




The date and time of the last recorded event the device transmitted.


Last Location


The Last known location of the device or location that is being transmitted.

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