How To Create Custom Zones.

How To Create Custom Zones.

Zones allow the user to create a virtual geographic boundary which will alert the user if the device enters or exits a specific zone.

To proceed with creating your custom zone, please choose the “Got It” button:

Next, you will notice a generated map of the general location of the device.  To start creating your custom zone, please select the “+” icon in the bottom portion of the menu. Now you will be able to draw the zone. To start plotting your zone, please tap where you would like your boundaries to be set and then make sure to place the endpoint of the zone back to the start point to complete the zone.

In this menu as well, you have a few quick options to either delete a zone or view all created zones.

Once you have plotted your custom zone on the map, the app will prompt you to enter a new for the zone as well as the type of zone you are creating:

There are 2 different types of zones that can be created:

Keep-In Zone – These zones can trigger an alarm if the tracker is detected outside its boundaries.

No-Go Zone – These zones can trigger an alarm if the tracker is detected within its boundaries.

Please tap on which type of zone you would like to create. Once the selection is made and a name has been set for the zone, press “Create” to create custom zone.

Along with setting custom zones, you can also set Zone Alerts via this process. You will notice, once you have successfully completed your zone configuration, a message will appear asking you whether you would like to set a Zone Alert for this custom zone. If you would like to create a zone alert please select, “Yes” to proceed.

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