How To Locate an SSID on Android 8.0 and Above

How To Locate an SSID on Android 8.0 and Above

Android users using 8.0 and above may experience this issue if location permissions are not
enabled or are denied by the user within the app. Android has implemented this feature to
increase the overall security of your WiFi connection as well as provide an added layer of
protection for your mobile device.

To locate an SSID, during WiFi setup on the Amcrest Cloud app, tap on Scan in the Ethernet
WiFi Setup menu. A dialog box will appear prompting you to enable location permissions. Tap
on Allow to enable this feature.


This will allow the app to scan for your WiFi network. Your SSID will appear in the Wireless Network List field. Select the WiFi network you would like to connect with and enter the WiFi password for your network and press Next.


If you are using the Amcrest View Pro app, you must enable location permissions to configure
the SSID to your app. When you have enabled location permissions the SSID will show (grayed
out) in the WiFi configuration menu where you can enter the WiFi password for your network.

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