How To Perform a Factory Reset (IP4M-1055E)

factory reset will revert your camera back to its original default settings, this includes username and passwords. The default username and password for this device will both be admin. 

Prior to performing a physical, hard factory reset, it is recommended to first perform a reset via the web user interface (Web UI) of the camera on a computer. This is useful as well if you do not have direct, physical access to your camera. For more information on how to perform a factory reset in the web UI of your camera, click here.

NOTE: The actual factory reset process on these model cameras require opening the camera and gaining access to the motherboard. The motherboard can be accessed using the Allen wrench tool provided with the camera. 

Step 1: To access the motherboard, you will need to remove the metal casing around the unit. The casing comes apart in four sections. To take the casing apart, turn the base counterclockwise to loosen the base. The base of will twist off and you will be able to remove the camera from the casing.


Step 2: Use the provided Allen wrench tool to remove the lens cover on the eyeball portion of the camera.


Step 3: Once you have removed the lens cover of the eyeball portion of the camera, you will notice a small switch on the mother board. This is the factory reset switch for the camera. 


Step 4: Press and hold the factory reset switch for 45 seconds and the camera will begin to reset itself. Please remember, once the camera has finished the factory reset process the username and password will revert back to default, which is admin. 


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