Email Setup (NVR)

First, navigate to Settings and click Network then Email below it.
See SMTP Server: For Gmail type in
(Below the instructions, different mailing address variables are be provided.)
See Port: Type in 465 (this port is for SSL Encryption.)
See Username/Password: Type in your Gmail address and password. (just like if you were logging into Gmail.)
See Receiver: Type in your Gmail address again.
See Sender: Type in your Gmail address again.
See Subject: Type in a title for the emails' subject. (“Amcrest Security”, “HDCVI”, etc.)
Check the box for Attachment.
See Encrypt Type and select SSL.
Click Apply and Save. Click Test.

You should be receiving a test email and the email configuration should be set. If the email test fails make sure your Email Account has 2-Step Verification turned off. Confirm your Internet settings on the DVR are configured correctly.

2-Step Verification FAQ Gmail

After you login to your Gmail and you can view your inbox open a new tab and go to:

Scroll down and find 2-Step Verification under Password & sign-in method, click the pencil icon and disable it.

Popular Email Servers, Ports, and Encryptions


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