Amcrest Cloud Troubleshooting

If you're unable to view your camera or find recordings to playback on your cloud account with your connected network, you may have an upload speed less than required for the desired video quality. Lower the video quality of the camera to the optimal speed approximation listed below.


No Recordings to Playback or Live Viewing 

  • Check the camera's connectivity. Try navigating to the internal IP address of the camera.
  • Try removing the camera from Amcrest Cloud and adding it again. This resets the settings required for activation.
  • Try rebooting the camera. Power cycle the camera by unplugging the power adapter and plugging it back in to reset.
  • Amcrest Cloud relies on motion detected events sent from the camera. Check the camera's log for recent occurrences.
  • Did the IP address change on the camera due to loss of power or relocation? Ensure your camera's IP address is set to static and not DHCP.
  • Has the DNS been set up on the camera? We recommend Google's DNS. (Preferred DNS: / Alternate DNS:
  • *Upgrade the camera to the latest firmware.

Storage Limit

Amcrest Cloud storage limits refer to the number of days the cloud keeps your media. A free account has a rolling 2 hours of stored recorded media. A 7 day plan saves recorded media from the last 7 days, same for the 14 and 30 day plans.

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