How To Download An Event From The Cloud

Download a Recorded Event on Amcrest Cloud

You are able to play back the live feed of your camera on Amcrest Cloud as well as view any motion detected recorded events that have been saved to the cloud. More so if you have an extended plan allowing more cameras and extended lengths in time in which the events can be recorded and saved to the Cloud through your account.

Step 1

To begin downloading your motion detected event, log in to your Amcrest Cloud account at

Step 2

Once you’ve logged in, navigate your way to the Preview pane for your camera by clicking the Cloud reel icon in the upper right hand corner:

Step 3

Any and all motion detected events will be displayed, given the time frame and plan you have for your Amcrest Cloud account. The preview pane will show you your cameras most recently recorded events and start playing them back.

You may also scrub through the recorded events in the timeline below the preview pane. Selecting the date and time as well to narrow down the search.

Step 4

Once you’ve selected a clip in the timeline and have begun to play it back you can select the download from cloud icon in the preview pane as shown below.

It will begin downloading through your web browser and save to the specified download path you have configured with your internet browser. Typically, the Downloads folder on your PC or Mac.

Step 5

Find your saved recorded event and play it back through the media player of your choice. ProHD’s are defaulted to record in 1080p and download in 1080p unless you have an HDseries camera that records in 720p

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