How To Perform A Factory Reset

How To Perform A Factory Reset On The IP5M-1176E


Performing a factory reset on camera will revert the camera back to its original factory settings. Please note, this will erase all settings applied in the camera that have been previously customized by the user. This includes all password and other set To proceed with the factory reset procedure of this camera, please follow the steps below. 

Note: The device must be powered on to perform the factory reset procedure. 

Step 1: Open the camera to access the motherboard of the camera.

Step 2: Once you have access to the camera's motherboard, you will notice small black button inside. Please press and hold that button for 45 seconds, then let it go. 

Step 3: Once the device has finished its reset process your default username and password will be reverted back to its default setting which is admin. Please use this information as your camera's login credentials. You will be given the change to change the default password once it is connected to your device. 

Congratulations! you have just completed the factory reset process for your camera. 

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