Basic Wiring Overview

What Are The Wiring Connections For The IP2M-853E

When you access your camera you will notice a few additional wiring connections associated with the device. These connections contain a power connection and ground, an Ethernet connection, audio wires, and alarm wiring. 



POWER - This connection is optional for this device since the device will draw power via an Ethernet cable (PoE) however, the option is there. The camera will require a basic 12V DC power adapter. This wire also has a optional grounding (EARTH) wire for additional grounding of the unit. 

Ethernet Connection - This connection is used to transmit data and transmit PoE power to the unit. The unit is PoE + (802.3at) compatible. 

AUDIO - This connection provide two-way audio to the unit. The red wire is for AUDIO OUT, the white wire is for AUDIO IN, and the black wire is there to ground the audio. 

ALARM -  This connection provides alarm in and alarm out features to an external alarm or security system. The basic overview of these wires are as follows: 

Blue Alarm OUT1
Green Alarm COM1 (Communication Port)
Yellow & Green Alarm Ground
Red Alarm IN1 
Brown Alarm IN2


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