Important Notice: Amcrest Cloud Security Update (12/15/16)

Editing Username & Password


Amcrest Cloud Security Update (12/15/16)

Amcrest has taken several steps to prioritize security by introducing several important security updates for Amcrest cameras.

Recently we have updated the security features offered by Amcrest that includes upgraded camera firmware and enhanced authentication features. Cameras that were sold prior to these updates require two actions to be taken by our valued Amcrest Cloud customers.

  1. (1) Please ensure you have the latest version of your camera's firmware by visiting:
  2. (2) Enhance your camera's authentication to Amcrest Cloud by supplying your camera's username and password for each device associated with your Amcrest Cloud account. Simply login to Amcrest Cloud on the web or your mobile app and edit your camera settings, then enter your camera's username and password.

Once you take these two steps your cameras will be even more trusted and secure with Amcrest Cloud.

Please note: that after December 15, 2016 all cameras connected to Amcrest Cloud will require the camera's username and password to continue operating on the service, so please take this action immediately.

Below are the steps on how to add a username and password to amcrest cloud as per a security update 

STEP 1: After registration of the Amcrest Cloud account. Once you are on  your Live view page. Go ahead and click the down arrow on your camera name and click ‘Edit’         




STEP 2:  Below is the update made to Amcrest Cloud. Now you will be needed to enter the ‘Username & Password’ of the camera.




STEP 3: Click ‘Save’ and enjoy being safe and protected.


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