Amcrest Cloud App Setup and Purchase Procedures

Things to consider before purchasing cloud service:

  • NETWORK SPEED is an important factor in the quality of the video feed and storage to the cloud. We recommend a DOWNLOAD SPEED of 4.5 or higher and an UPLOAD SPEED of a 1.5 or higher for every camera setup to the cloud. To figure out your network’s upload and download speed, please visit net to run a test on your network. You will then be provided your measurement. For more information on best practices for your Wi-Fi camera, please click here.
  • SIGN UP with an original email address that is not connected with another company cloud when creating your Amcrest Cloud account. Amcrest Cloud Service will not be able to use the email address if another cloud account is linked to it. If you wish to not remove your email address from another cloud provider, you can create a new email address and use it with the Amcrest cloud service.

Configuring the camera to Amcrest Cloud App:

  1. In the application click on Sign Up.


  1. Plug in your credentials to create your new cloud account.

3. Click on Add Camera.

  1. Click on View Terms to read the terms and conditions. If you do not wish to read the terms, please click agree.

  1. Select Amcrest for the type of camera you wish to add. Next, give your camera a name. This name can be anything you’d like the camera to be named.

  1. You have two options on inputting the camera S/N number into the application. Scan the QR code by tapping on the grey box or manually add the camera token which is the camera’s S/N.

  1. If you receive the error message below, conduct a power cycle on your camera. If you did not receive this error message, proceed to step 8. Unplug the camera from your local power source. Wait 30 seconds then power the camera back up, allow it to boot up then click OK.

  1. Please input your camera’s username and password. The username and password will be the same as when you setup the Amcrest View Pro or local Web UI.

  1. Next, configure the cloud settings for your camera. (NOTE: The setting in the cloud will overrule the configurations in your camera settings.)


  1. Click on LIVE to view your camera in the cloud.

  1. Your feed is now LIVE!

If you're planning on upgrading to a paid plan, it will only be available through a desktop or laptop computer by going to

  1. Look over what plan will best fit your needs and then click on change plan.
  2. Select your “Storage Limit”.
  3. Select the number of cameras you would like to add.
  4. The pre-payment is option. You can leave it as none.
  5. Last Click on “Review my Order”.

6. Input your purchase information, then click continue.

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