Favorite Cameras in the Amcrest View App (IP3M-941)

Set up your Amcrest camera on your wireless network using the Amcrest View App to begin viewing the camera from your smartphone or tablet. This guide will show you how to add a camera to your favorites list, allowing quick and easy access to view multiple cameras simultaneously for live viewing or playback!


Connect the camera to a power supply using the included power adapter. Wait 30 seconds for the camera to start-up and initialize. The camera is ready when the LED on the back is blinking green (or solid green).


First connect your mobile device to your WiFi and download the app Amcrest View from the App Store or Play Store. Download Amcrest View on your mobile device:

Amcrest View for iOS: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Amcrest View for Android: Requires Android 3.0 or later.


Open Amcrest View on your mobile device. 


The Live View screen will appear. Select the menu icon  in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.


Select Favorites from the listed menu. 


The favorites screen will be presented. Select the Default Favorite Group or create your own custom group by selecting the Add New Group icon located on the top right hand side of the screen to get started. 

A message box will prompt you to input a name for the favorites group. 

To remove the Default Favorites Group from the list, swipe to the left until the word "Delete" appears, and tap on Delete. 

The Default Favorites Group will be removed from the Favorite list and the custom group will remain.


While on the Favorites screen, tap on the custom group you just named. The group will be presented. Tap on the Add Favorite Camera icon  located on the top right hand corner. 

A device list will appear where you can select or deselect the cameras you want added to your favorites group. 

After selection, tap the Save icon  located on the upper right hand corner. The selected cameras will then be visible within the favorites group. 

If you wish to delete or remove a camera from the favorites list, swipe to the right until the word "Delete" appears, and then tap on it.  

Now you have access your camera through the favorites option during Live View and Playback. 








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