How to View Foscam and Amcrest Cameras on iOS apps?

It is possible to connect both Foscam and Amcrest brand cameras on iOS apps like Amcrest View and other third party apps. This allows the consumer to see both cameras simultaneously on iOS apps.

  • One way is to connect both camera brands to one of our Amcrest NVRs and then accessing the cameras on the Amcrest View app.
  • There are also many third-party apps available that allow both brands of cameras to be viewed.

In the steps below, we will concentrate on adding the cameras to the NVR and then option in this example:

  1.  Connect the cameras to the NVR. Please click here for reference on adding cameras to the NVR.
  2. Once the cameras are added, please download and install Amcrest View Pro app onto the iPhone/tablet from the App Store.
  3. Proceed to add the NVR to the app. Please reference this video to add the NVR to the app.

 For Amcrest products please use the links below to further assist on the streams:

Third party apps can vary drastically in their process to connect cameras. However, most will use the RTSP URL or through the API. Please refer to the third party support team for further assistance with connecting to their app.

Below are some examples of third party app setups:

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