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Amcrest Smart Play is a media player designed for the playback of all of your recorded video files. Compatibility: Requires Windows 7 or later / Requires Mac OS X version 10.7.5 (Lion) or later

Download for Windows PC

Download for Mac OS

Installation Amcrest Smart Player

Download the Amcrest Smart Player has been downloaded. Next you’ll need to run the installer. Your PC or Mac may request administrative access for the installation to run. “Click More Info” to display “Run Anyway” to begin the installation.

Begin the installation by clicking “Next”, then agree to the terms and conditions. You may change the installation directory or simply move to the next step and click “Install”.

Do not close the installer or turn off your PC during the installation.

Click “Enjoy Now” to run Amcrest Smart Player when the installation is complete.

During the initial start-up of Amcrest Smart Player, a prompt window will request you to associate the file types to run through the program. Click “OK” to have the file types listed always open with Amcrest Smart Player. Click “Cancel” to skip file association.


This pane in Amcrest Smart Play is a condensed preview screen for playing back recorded video files. View different sections of the same or multiple video at the videos length which allows more videos to be viewed and scrubbed through simultaneously.

This preview pane is a faster source of narrowing down any abnormalities that may have occurred during the motion detection recorded events saved on your computer.

Video Preview

This pane allows split video image into sections to view more of the video source in different segments simultaneously for playback. Options available include Play, Previous Video, Next Video, Playback Speed, and Slices to divide the video up into different sections.


This is the file list for each of your opened saved recorded video files. Check one or multiple for playback purposes.


Another timeline can be found at the bottom of the preview pane. It has similar features to the one found on the main preview window. Here you can scrub through the timeline of the selected recorded video file, zooming in and out on the timeline for more precise scrubbing. Sliding the ticker from left to right and using the arrows to go up and down the list of the selected video files open in the preview window.

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