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Amcrest Smart Play is a media player designed for the playback of all of your recorded video files. Compatibility: Requires Windows 7 or later / Requires Mac OS X version 10.7.5 (Lion) or later

Download for Windows PC

Download for Mac OS

Installation Amcrest Smart Player

Download the Amcrest Smart Player has been downloaded. Next you’ll need to run the installer. Your PC or Mac may request administrative access for the installation to run. “Click More Info” to display “Run Anyway” to begin the installation.

Begin the installation by clicking “Next”, then agree to the terms and conditions. You may change the installation directory or simply move to the next step and click “Install”.

Do not close the installer or turn off your PC during the installation.

Click “Enjoy Now” to run Amcrest Smart Player when the installation is complete.

During the initial start-up of Amcrest Smart Player, a prompt window will request you to associate the file types to run through the program. Click “OK” to have the file types listed always open with Amcrest Smart Player. Click “Cancel” to skip file association.

Main Screen and it’s Features

The Amcrest Smart Play will open for the first time. Note the Play Window screen, consisting of many buttons, a file list, timeline, and preview window to playback any saved video records.

Top Menu

The main features are listed across the top of the Smart Player.

Add Files- Open a new window to browse for video files saved on your computer.

Preview- More condensed preview screen for playing back recorded video files.

Export File- A window to select segments of recorded video files and export them from their original video file format to AVI or image formats as JPEG or Bitmap.

Digital Zoom- A tool used in the preview window to quickly select and enlarge an area with a box, zooming in further on the recorded video.

Drag- A switchable tool, mouse pointer tool and hand drag tool, allowing you to move about the work space if you zoomed in using the Digital Zoom tool.

Full Screen- Expands your preview window to the corners of your screen.

Watermark- Display window for advanced information about the recorded video file showing the original file name, lossless percentage, results of compression, and the watermark signature.

Config- The applications configuration screen allowing the adjustments of the file paths for exportation, default snapshot and record formats, video scaling, tracing, language translation, and the option to turn vertical sync on or off.

Group File List

The Group File List contains the recorded video files you selected to be opened in Amcrest Smart Player.

Preview Window Channels List

Adjustable preset channel options are available in this list, allowing a specify the number of channels to be displayed at once. Each channel can be assigned a different recording for viewing and playback purposes.

A custom channel option is also available to create your own designed preview screen with up to 36 channels for viewing and playback purposes.

Preview Window

This window is where any saved recorded video files can be viewed. This is also the workspace to use the tools, digital zoom, point and drag, and full screen.

Playback Controls

These are the controls used to scrub through saved recorded video files.

Repeat- Loop the end of the video to the beginning.

Sync Play- Sync each video you have open in the preview window to begin playing together simultaneously.

Reverse- Play the video file in reverse at any given point in time.

Play- Begin playing the video file, or pause.

Stop- End the viewing of the selected video in the preview window.

Previous Group- Playback the video file before the one that’s currently playing.

Next Group-  Playback the video file after the one that’s currently playing.

Play Speed Slider- Adjust the playback speed of the recorded video file.

Mute- Turn the sound on or off.

Volume Slider- Adjust the volume by increasing or decreasing the audio levels.


Scrub through the timeline of the selected recorded video file, zooming in and out on the timeline for more precise scrubbing. Sliding the ticker from left to right and using the arrows to go up and down the list of the selected video files open in the preview window.


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