Amcrest View Playback

Setting up your Amcrest camera on your wireless network using Amcrest View is the fastest way to begin viewing the camera from your smartphone or tablet. This guide will show you how to playback recorded videos from your smartphone or tablet.

Step 1

Connect the camera to a power supply using the included power adapter. Wait 30 seconds for the camera to start-up and initialize. The camera is ready when the LED on the back is blinking green (or solid green).

Step 2

First connect your mobile device to your WiFi and download the app Amcrest View from the App Store or Play Store. Download Amcrest View on your mobile device.

Amcrest View for iOS: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Amcrest View for Android: Requires Android 3.0 or later.

Step 3

Open Amcrest View on your mobile device.

Step 4

The Live View screen will appear. Once it does select the menu icon  in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

Now select Playback from the listed menu.

Step 5

The Playback screen will be presented.

Tap on any of the four quadrants to add a camera for playback.

The Device List will appear with a Start and End calendar wheel selection at the top of the screen and the device list below.

First specify the Start time:

Once you’ve selected the date and time for the start time, tap anywhere on the screen to go back.

Then change the end time by selecting the second calendar wheel:

Once you’ve selected the date and time for the end time, tap anywhere on the screen to go back.

Now you will select a camera for playback in the device list at the bottom of the screen.

 Step 6

Allow time for the smartphone to connect to the camera via the method in which you setup the camera, P2P, WiFi, IP/Domain, or DDNS.

The loading wheel will spin, do not leave the application or tap anywhere else on the screen while the connection occurs.

Step 7

The camera will begin playing back once your smartphone establishes a connection with your camera.

You can go full screen by double tapping on the presented video image.

Playback Controls

 Slow playback speed in intervals.

  Play/Pause playback.

  Fast forward playback speed in intervals.

 Play next frame, segment by segment.

 Take a screenshot and save it to your smartphone’s gallery.

 Record directly to your smartphone, saving a video to your smartphone’s gallery.

 Mute the recordings audio during playback, on or off.

 Stop and clear all the recordings playing back on the screen.


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