Amcrest View App Setup

Amcrest View App

Setting up you Amcrest camera on your wireless network using Amcrest View is the fastest way to begin viewing the camera from your smartphone or tablet.



Step 1
Connect the camera to a power supply using the included power adapter. Wait 30 seconds for the camera to start-up and initialize. The camera is ready when the LED on the back is blinking green (or solid green).


Step 2
First connect your mobile device to your WiFi and download the app Amcrest View from the App Store or Play Store.

Download Amcrest View on your mobile device:
Amcrest View for iOS: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Amcrest View for Android: Requires Android 3.0 or later.


Step 3
Tap the menu icon   on the top left


and select “Device Manager”

Next, tap the plus icon   on the top right a

select “WiFi Configuration”.


Step 4
Give the camera a name, then tap on the QR code icon  in the “S/N” field. Your mobile device may request permissions to allow the application to use your camera. Once accepted your mobile device will then be ready to scan the QR code.


Step 5
Scan the QR code on the bottom of the camera. Try to move the camera back and forth slowly to ensure that the entire QR code is within the scanning window. In case the QR code cannot be scanned, please enter in the Serial Number (S/N) that is found on the bottom of the camera.


Step 6 
Tap “Next” and enter your WiFi password on the next screen.



Once you click “Next”, wait for around 2 minutes to give the camera time to connect to your WiFi network.


Once the camera connects you will see a "Added Successfully!" notification.


Step 7
If you are logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to create a new password. Please select a password that is at least 8 characters long, and uses a combination of uppercase lets, lowercase letters, and numbers. Note that once the password is changed here, it will take effect immediately. If you forget your password, you can always hard reset your camera by holding the LED reset button on the back of your camera for 30 seconds.


Step 8
Tap the Start Live Preview button to access your live stream. You are now connected to your camera!




Step 9
To connect your camera to additional smartphones and tablets, please use the P2P setup method.


Step 10
To better understand the App’s interface and features, please visit the Help Center within the app. 

tap the menu icon on the top left hand side  

tap Help,

then select which screen you’d like more information about.

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