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Built into all of our Amcrest IP cameras is a security feature which automatically disconnects the Amcrest camera from the AmcrestCloud server if the user does not connect the camera to an AmcrestCloud account within 2 hours of establishing an internet connection.  The reason for this feature is to prevent any unnecessary data transfer and to maintain the independence and secure the integrity of each Amcrest IP Camera from any potential unauthorized access attempts. 

Below is an example of what the connection failure will look like if you try connecting a device outside of the two(2) hour time limit.

Failure Example:

If you are having an issue with connecting your camera to and it has been more than two (2) hours since your camera has had network access you will need to cycle the power to the device in order to reinitialize the ability for a connection to be established. To power cycle the device simply log into the user interface via the cameras IP address and select Setup, auto maintain and then manual reboot. Alternatively, you may disconnect and reconnect the power. 

Once the reset has been performed you will need to ensure that your camera is connected to your network and then proceed with connecting the device to AmcrestCloud within the newly allocated two (2) hour window. 

Below is an example of what as successful connection will look like

Successful Example:

If you are in the initial stages of configuring your newly purchased Amcrest IP camera and you intend on connecting the camera to our service then please add the device in immediately after connecting the device to your network. 

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