Camera testing and configuration

The testing feature on the trail cameras is used to ensure that the device is operational and will capture an image in the desired area. To utilize the testing feature please follow the steps below.

1.) Open the bottom of the trail camera and inset fill the battery tray with 8 AA batteries.


2.) Then move the selection switch from the Off position to the test position.


3.) With the device in the test position you will see that the Amcrest logo will appear and then an image of what the camera has in frame will show. While the screen is activated in the test position you will be able to adjust the camera settings as needed for to ensure the device will capture as desired.  


4.) Once you have the setting as you prefer just set the device to the On position and mount it to begin operation.  

Please note that the screen will turn off as to not alert people or animals to the presence of the camera. Also note that the IR LEDs produce an invisible light spectrum and as such you will not be able to see when they are illuminated.


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