Amcrest GPS Portal Overview

The GPS Portal Interface, at, allows you to track your GPS Tracker, set notification alerts, boundary zones, create trip reports, and much more!


Logging for the first time



            Upon Activation of your device linked to your Amcrest Account, check your email for your Amcrest GPS activation email containing your username and password. During the initial login, you will be prompted to change your account password. You can access the Account Settings menu by clicking the down arrow in top right portion of the navigation bar. Next to your account name. There you can change your password, phone number, and email address.



Amcrest GPS Portal Interface



  1. Menu Tabs- Allows the user to navigate between menu items. (Map, Asset Info, Trips, Zones, Alerts, and Reports.)


  1. Asset Tools- Allows the user to select assets by type or sort through assets in the list.


  1. Asset List- This section shows all of the devices associated with your account. Use the arrow buttons in the top right of this section to view more information about the current status of the device, such as raw latitude, longitude, and the IMEI number.


  1. Account Settings- Allows the user to change settings related to the account, as well as audio alerts.


  1. Map Tools- Allows users to interact with the map in a variety of ways:


Zoom in and Zoom out.

Geo-fence creation tool and ruler.

Map source and overlays to be displayed.


  1. Selected Asset- Displays the current telemetry of the asset that is selected from the Asset List. This area shows where the GPS tracker last reported its location along with information about speed, motion status, date and time stamp, as well as the battery level.


User Interface Walkthrough


This section will explain the different menus within the GPS Portal Interface.



Map- This tab shows the last location of the GPS tracker, as well as allows the use of many different map tools.


Asset Info- This tab shows the different assets associated with this account, and displays information about each device.


Trips- This tab allows the user to view trip history and play back recorded trips.


Zones- This tab allows the user to create and manage zones (boundaries, geo-fences, etc.)

Alerts- This tab allows the user to create and manage alert notifications.


Reports- This tab allows the user to generate reports using data collected by the device.

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