Report Generation

The GPS Portal Interface, at, can generate reports using data collected ­by your GPS Tracker.


Generating Generic Reports (Preset Reports)


  1. Select Reports tab at the top of the GPS Portal Interface and select a report to be generated.





Reports can be created from the selected generic presets such as:

Trip Listing Report- Lists the trips for the selected assets and date range.


Violation Report-  Lists any acts of exceeding the boundaries set for an asset.


Overspeed- Lists any acts of exceeding the speed limit set for an asset.

Harsh Braking- Lists maneuvers performed with an abrupt stop.


Harsh Acceleration- Lists maneuvers performed with excessive acceleration. (UNAVAILABLE ON AM-GL300)


Excessive Idle- Lists conditions in which an asset is at idle for long periods of time.


Harsh Cornering- Lists maneuvers performed with excessive speed while cornering.


Impact Event- Lists conditions in which the asset has come to an abrupt stop by force.


Engine Over Revving- Lists conditions in which the engine has exceeded the rev limit set for an asset.



            Scheduled & Custom Reports


  1. Reports can also be customized or scheduled to be automated from the “Scheduled & Custom” tab then selecting Create report.


1a. Specify the Report Name


1b. Specify the description of the report.


1c. Select an Asset for the report to be generated from.


1d. Specify data to be collected from: Today, Within the last 24 hours, Yesterday, Last Week, Fortnight, or Last Month.


1e. Select the Report Type, from the list of reports that can be generated. Mentioned earlier in this article.


1f. You can also set time periods by selecting a start and end point under Advanced.


1g. For immediate report generation for the day the report is requested set the Schedule as No and click Save Report.


(To set a schedule for report generation follow the second set of instructions below.)



2a. To set a Schedule for the report to be automatically generated, set the Schedule as Yes.


2b. Select when you would like to schedule the report: Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, or Monthly. Selecting days of the week, weekly intervals, fortnightly intervals, or monthly intervals.


2c. Specify a start and end date for the schedule to take place.


2d. Set the format to either PDF or Excel Spreadsheet.


(Optional: Specify which users that have access to the GPS Portal Interface to be notified of the report generation.)


Click Save Report to complete your custom report.


Report Actions



Once a report has been created you can select Actions next to the report you wish to review.


Edit Report- review and customize the parameters already set within the custom report.


Set as inactive/active- disabling and enabling of the custom report.


Delete Report- remove the report from your scheduled and custom reports list.


Duplicate Report- copy the report to obtain a duplicate report with its parameters for future customization of the original report.


View Report- Generation of the report within the GPS Portal Interface.



View Report


Select the generic or custom report you wish to view by selecting Actions, then View Report. An example report is shown below:



From here you can review the report you generated. You can also export the report to save directly to your computer. Lastly print the report for your records. Options shown below.

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