Layout of Device


SIM port- A cover conceals the SIM card, already preinstalled, which is inserted beyond this cover held in place by two Phillips head screws.

Charging port- A cover conceals the Mini USB port when the device is not charging. You can flip the cover and plug in the included Mini USB 5V AC Power Adapter. The battery light on the front of the device will display a constant red light while the device is charging.

Power button- Pressing the power button located on the top of the device once will turn on the GPS tracker. To turn off the GPS tracker press and hold the power button.


Battery- The battery LED light, the far right of the GPS tracker, will hold a constant red light when charging, and the LED in the center will blink green periodically to indicate that it still has power. If the battery LED flashes red, that means the battery level is low, and the GPS tracker should be charged.

Cellular- The cellular LED light, the center of the GPS tracker, will begin blinking as the device obtains a cellular signal, once connected it will start relaying location data.

GPS- The GPS LED light, the far left of the GPS tracker, will begin flashing blue indicating the tracker is trying to locate a cellular signal over which to send data.

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