SD Card Error (Trail Cameras)

If you're experiencing SD Card errors while using a trail camera please ensure that you're following the recommendations below:

SD Card is Inserted Correctly

Please insert the SD Card when the power switch is in the OFF position before testing the camera.
Please do not insert or take out the SD Card when the power switch is in the ON position.

Insert the SD Card into the card slot with contacts facing the front of the camera.
Please note that the SD Card should only be inserted in one direction. Make sure that the write-protection “Lock” switch of the SD Card is in the “Write” position (not locked).

If the SD Card isn't inserted in this fashion the camera will pop up with SD Card Error once the device is turned to on to Test.


SD Card is formatted to FAT32

It is recommended to format the SD Card with the camera during its first use. If you are having problems reading the SD Card, please format the card using a computer and then reinsert the card into the camera and try again.

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