Amcrest View Setup (POE)

Amcrest cameras have a variety of viewers available. One of which uses our Peer-to-peer (P2P) server. Amcrest View works on mobile devices and desktop viewing via your web browser. This article will cover connecting your camera to your Amcrest View account on

Adding your camera to the P2P server can only be done after the camera has been connected to the internet. Configured through Amcrest View Pro using the Wi-Fi Configuration setup method or by connecting the camera to a router or modem by an ethernet cable.

First, navigate to

You will reach the login screen, shown below:


Here click Register Now. This will present the registration page like shown below:

Once you've created an account you will receive a verification email. Simply follow the instructions by clicking the link to activate your account.


Once you've successfully created and activated your Amcrest View account for, you can begin by logging in with the Username and Password you just created.

Now that you're logged in select Add Device in the top right corner of the window.

Simply add each camera individually by creating a unique Device Name, using the Serial Number of the camera, and entering in the camera's unique Username and Password.

Click OK when you're finished entering the required fields to continue.

If the camera is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, the status will be shown with a green dot. Signifying the camera is online and accessible for viewing. However, if the camera status shows to be a red circle, the camera is in an offline state and must be connected to the internet.

After the cameras have been added to your account, they can be viewed by clicking  and a new window will be displayed.

The new window will display the Amcrest Viewer, select IPC in the top right corner of the window to start streaming video from the camera. Below are Pan, Tilt, and Zoom controls for more advanced viewing from our PTZ IP Cameras.

Selecting IPC will close the stream.

If and SD Card is inserted in the back the camera, or the camera is using another means of storage, you may playback recordings from the camera you have selected by selecting Playback at the top of the screen next to Live.

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