Push Notification Setup on Amcrest View Pro (iPhone & Android) (IPM-721S)

Push Notification Setup

First, open the Amcrest View Pro app and ensure your camera is added to the Device Manager.

1. Tap the top left icon to open the menu.

2. Tap the Push Notifications option.

3. Tap Configuration.

4. Select the device you want to receive push notifications from.

5. Now enable push notifications by tapping the switch next to your device.

6. A list of options will be shown:

    • Push Type: This is what will open when you tap on the push notifications you receive, pushing the live view, video or image from the event.
    • Motion Detect: Select if you want to receive notifications from motion being detected.
    • Cam Mask: Select if you want to receive notifications that the camera has been covered or view has been blocked.
    • Face Detection: Not currently available.
    • Local Alarm: Select if you want to be notified that a local alarm has been triggered. (This referring to the I/O alarm ports on the back of the device.)
    • HDD Alarm: Select if you want to receive notifications that no disk is detected, there is low space on the disk, or the disk has an error. (In this case the SD Card that's inserted within the camera.)

7. Once you have selected your desired options, tap the Save icon in the top right and you are done!

The most commonly used settings are Push Type: Live and Motion Detect: [camera/channel number]. 

To view a list of all the events that have occurred, under Push Notifications (steps 1 & 2 above), select Event List.

Note: If you want to use the Push Type: Image, you must have an SD card installed and the Snapshot option enabled in the Motion Detect settings on the Web Interface. 


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