IR Codes for the DVR Remote (720P HD-CVI)

As an example, If you own a universal remote like the Logitech Harmony series you may use these codes to program the remote for DVR operations. 

Below are the confirmed IR codes for the DVR and NVR remote:

0x009201ff Number 0
0x008701ff Number 1
0x008601ff Number 2
0x008501ff Number 3
0x008b01ff Number 4
0x008a01ff Number 5
0x008901ff Number 6
0x008f01ff Number 7
0x008e01ff Number 8
0x008d01ff Number 9
0x009601ff ESC press down
0x008001ff -/--
0x009401ff shift
0x008401ff picture division switch(QUAD)
0x008801ff Search for playback
0x008001ff 10+
0x009e01ff enter
0x009b01ff left press down
0x009901ff right press down
0x009501ff up press down
0x009a01ff down press down
0x009701ff add Remote address setting
0x009101ff FN Assist-function
0x009001ff prev The previous video
0x008301ff next The next video
0x008c01ff slow slow playback
0x009c01ff fast fast playback
0x009301ff rec Record
0x009801ff back backward-playing
0x008201ff Play/Pause

Note: 0x009201ff corresponds to: ff 01 92 00

Please note: You will need to check with the manufacturer of your remote for programming instructions. 

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