Setting the Camera IP Address Mode on Amcrest WebUI

Have control over your camera's IP address after a hard reset, restoring to factory defaults, or after an unexpected disconnection. Setting the camera mode to Static will allow you to retain the same IP address, while setting it to DHCP mode will allow your camera to create a new IP address each time you reset it. If you choose DHCP mode, you will need to have the IP Config Tool installed on your computer to be able to search your new IP address after resetting your camera. 

Please follow the instructions below to learn how to set your camera's IP Address Mode:

Setting the Camera IP Address Mode
1. Access your camera via the WebUI. Then click the Setup button location on the top right corner.

3. On the left-hand panel, click on the Network tab.


4. Then click on the subcategory, TCP/IP right below it. 

5. Set the mode to Static allow the camera to retain the same IP address after restoring back to the factory defaults. 


6. Select the DHCP mode if you prefer a different IP address after restoring to the factory defaults. In this case, refer to the IP Config Tool to locate the new IP address.


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