Restoring to Factory Defaults on Amcrest WebUI

Restore your device to its factory default setting on the Amcrest Web User Interface. Most Amcrest Products can be reset to its factory settings, although not all. Also, ensure your camera configurations have been exported before proceeding any further if you wish to keep your current configuration settings. To learn how to export and import your current configuration settings, see the video tutorial here or read the article here.

If you wish to keep the same IP address, you will need to set the camera mode to static after restoring to factory defaults. If you would like a different IP address after restoring to factory defaults, you will need to set the camera mode to DHCP. Click here to be redirected to instructions on this process


Restore to Factory Defaults
1. On the left-hand panel, click on the System tab. 


2. Then click on the sub-category, Default Settings Option.

3. Click on the Restore to Default Settings button.

4. The reset default window will appear. Click the OK button to proceed.

5. Wait 2-3 minutes for your camera to reboot. The WebUI will temporarily lose connection while in the process.

6. Once completed, click on the refresh button on your browser to return to your camera’s WebUI.
7. Log in with your credentials as usual.

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