Password Reset, Exposed Wires, WPS & Factory Reset

The Amcrest WiFi Bullet Camera, IPM-723, has exposed wiring for WiFi Protected Setup and factory reset procedures. During installation it is suggested to wrap these wires with PVC electrical tape or ensure the wire is wrapped with another means of concealment.

These wires are only intended to perform a quick connection to the router or modem the camera is being connected to through WPS or resetting the camera back to factory defaults.


To utilize WPS press the WPS button on the router and touch the ends of the green and white wire together for 1-2 seconds. Generally, the device can be connected to the corresponding router within 1 minute.

Factory Reset

To perform a factory reset, touch the green and white wires together for at least 5 seconds.

This will reset the camera back to it's factory default settings!

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